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Team Total welcomes you to our world where you are made to feel like an athlete, a winner, and not just a customer. At Total Sports & Fitness, we like to ensure that in every interaction with us, you and your loved ones invest in a healthy life, in body, mind and spirit. As our esteemed customer, you can experience Total Sports & Fitness products and equipment at all our retail stores across Mumbai and Pune.

We believe that sports and fitness is not just a lifestyle, but a state of mind. In a country where sportsmen are worshipped and fitness is slowly becoming a religion, Total Sports & Fitness is the only brand that provides you with a 'complete' shopping experience for each and every sport and fitness product.

But our goal does not end here. We try and ensure that each member of our team shares this passion and is as committed to you as your own personal coach. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable experience, every time you visit us. This is possible since every Total Sports & Fitness member shares our relentless passion and meets our prescribed standards in terms of product knowledge and know-how. Our consistent effort is to ensure we provide you with top quality equipment at best prices and a range that will make you come back for more.

Inside our stores, the energy is always pulsating like a live cricket match at Wankhede Stadium - We try and make every day feel like the last six runs before the cup. Here's to a winning life!


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An eternal optimist, Niteen loves reading, writing, travel, wildlife, meeting people and most of all, his steaming hot cup of chai! He has grown up in the bylanes of Hindu Colony (Mumbai), a neighbourhood known for its sporting culture.

His immense love for sports led him to start Total Sports & Fitness, India's first modern sports retail chain. He is recognised by all for changing the face of sports retailing in India. His inspiring story is covered in Chicken's Soup for the Indian Entrepreneur’s Soul.

You will find him in his element at Dadar Five Gardens, where he has started his own cricket team, made up with locals and enthusiastic Total employees.

He believes in Individual Social Responsibility and makes his contribution through community initiatives and 'The Oneness Project', a personal transformation workshop designed & conducted by him.

Niteen Shah

Niteen Shah

An Engineer by qualification, Jiten has a passion for numbers and analytics.

In 1991, he started Magnum Equity Broking Ltd., a stock-broking firm, which now enjoys membership in all the premium stock exchanges of India and runs a successful country-wide franchising model.

He loves indulging in sports and has played competitive cricket, football, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. He ran a half marathon for the first time at age 44.

His sense of adventure and love for outdoor sports took him on a Himalayan Car Rally expedition in 2015. Jiten loves travelling, trekking, exploring and looking for the next rush of adrenaline.

He also contributes to the community through his involvement in Kutch Corporate Forum, a platform for businessmen to interact, learn and grow.

Jiten Chheda

Jiten Chheda