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Cosco Cos Gym Ball Gym Ball

Anti Burst Gymball for Back Exercises and Posture Correction


Reebok Rab-11015bl Gym Ball (colour May Vary)

Offering you support and instability at the same time, this Reebok Gym Ball lets you perform strength training or physiotherapy exercises.

Ideal for Both Men and Women

Both men and women can train with this fitness ball to keep themselves fit, to improve body balance or for rehabilitation.

Comes with Foot Pump to Inflate

To let you start working out without looking around for an inflation pump, this ball comes with its own foot pump to inflate it.

Provides Dynamic Exercise Regime

Work out the muscles of your abs, legs, arms, chest and shoulders to tone and strengthen them. This ball is also suitable for those who are looking to improve their balance and coordination.

Made of Highly Durable Material

This anti-burst ball is made of highly durable material so that it can take your body pressure while you perform a variety of exercises.



A home gym essential, Reebok Gymballs help target your core with exercise variations. Made from non-slip material with a dual-textured surface, the ball supports your workout with maximum grip. Designed using anti-burst technology with a pump included, the ball slowly deflates is punctured to help avoid injury.


Reebok Gym Ball (colour May Vary)

Model Number
65 cm
Used For
Exercise and Fitness
Maximum User Weight
110 kg
Model Name


Reebok Gym Ball (colour May Vary)

Gymball - Versatility for improved all-round fitness. Possibly one of the most versatile and accessible pieces of training equipment, a gymball can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises which will considerably improve your core strength, posture, and flexibility. Though they may appear the same, gymballs come in many diametrical sizes and materials, so it's important to choose the right exercise ball for you. The grey 75cm stability Reebok Gymball has been manufactured with a high-density rubber to ensure longevity and is suitable for those 188cm or taller (approximately 6'2"). The 65cm stability Reebok Gymball is suitable for those between 170cm and 185cm tall (approximately 5'7 - 6'1" feet) Selecting the appropriately sized gymball for your height is extremely important in ensuring you get the most of out of your workout. By observing the '90 degree rule', (where both feet are planted on the floor and knees positioned a little lower than the pelvis, making a 90-degree angle), you'll discover your ideal gymball size. It's also important to note that your height alone isn't the only factor in determining the right ball size. As Reebok exercise balls are flexible and offer resistance, weight is also an important factor. Supporting your ab crunches, tricep dips, planks, and stability work, the grey gymball with a weighted base features anti-burst technology, meaning if the ball happens to puncture during your workout, it will slowly and safely deflate to avoid any possible injuries. What's more, the gymball's double-coated rubber and the slightly weighted base provide stability for additional grip, helping to stop the ball rolling away during exercises. Every Reebok Gymball ships with a kit which includes the fundamental pump. And, if you're in need of a little inspiration to kickstart your gymball workout, it comes complete with its very own workout DVD. Diameter 75cm The double-coated rubber base provides additional stability Ideal for sit-ups, core strength, stability, and general fitness. Includes workout DVD and pump Two-tone Grey/Blue


Usi Gym ball

Ideal for back exercises, sit ups & general fitness
Comes with an anti burst ability
Helps in perfecting body stability builds & boosts general health
With High quality foot pump


ADIDAS Gym ball 75cm Gym Ball  (With Pump)

Color: Grey
Used For: Flexibility, Weight training
Diameter: 75 cm
With Pump