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KT Tape Pro 3 Strip Synthetic Fastpack

KT TAPE is a strong, elastic athletic tape that reduces muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances athletic performance
KT TAPE provides relief and support for muscles and joints
KT TAPE can be used to prevent or treat hundreds of sports injuries



Durable 100% synthetic fabric is highly breathable
Flexible support to maintain full range of motion
Remains on skin through sweat and moisture
Comfortable to wear for up to 7 days
Check out our TAPEMAN� figure to see some of the most common target areas that are a great fit for KT Tape use


KT TAPE PRO Kinesiology Tape, Elastic Therapeutic Tape

  • Our Tape helps reduce pressure to the tissue and may reduce discomfort or pain
  • Correct sports taping also provides support to muscles by improving the muscle's ability to contract, even when it is weak, and helps the muscle to not over-extend or over-contract
  • KT Tape Pro is the world's first and only 100% synthetic kinesiology tape which provides pain relief and support for hundreds of common muscle, joint, and tendon related pains and injuries. Reengineered with 300% stronger adhesive and synthetic elastic core, this tape is 100% waterproof and lasts 2-3x longer than standard cotton tapes. It'll even survive an entire week through multiple runs, daily showers, humidity, cold or in the pool. KT Tape Pro takes away the pain, so you can focus on the burn.