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Table Tennis Rubber

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Product description
It is One of the first rubbers blending natural and synthetic rubbers.

2100.00 3500.00

Donic Coppa Speed Table Tennis Rubber

Highly Spin with Donic Coppa Speed Table Tennis Rubber
Donic Coppa Speed Gold Table Tennis Rubbers is an excellent rubber which will provide you more speed and spin. It is more suitable for attacking and offensive style of plays with fast top spin. This rubber will give you better ball control with high speed and spin. The speed of the rubber is 9.3, spin is 8.9 and the control is 8.2. This rubber comes with more variation of the Coppa series which will give you medium hard sponge rubber. This is an ITTF approved tennis rubber. Donic Coppa Speed rubber is ideal for balance which will provide you highly elastic and extremely spin friendly top sheet, it is combined with new Donic speed sponge which give you a special touch. Donic Coppa speed rubber is perfect rubber sheet for all modern and offensive players.

2714.00 4175.00