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Garware Tournament Lawn Tennis Net

Top White vinyl pvc coated fabric headband (width63mm+63mm ) with 4 row stitches .
Side & Bottom Black vinyl pvc coated fabric (width =63mm+63mm) with 2 row stitches .
Cord 6 mm white pvc coated steel wire rope with both end crimped .(length 15mtr)
Core End Both end Crimped .
Eyelets 14 Nos (5 at each side band & two at each top corner)
Tie Core 3.00 mm HDPE Braide 12 Places length 1.10 mtr Doubled .


Garware Club Lawn Tennis Net

Heat Set Fabric of Netting
High Shock Resistance of Netting
UV treated
Better Knot Stability
Developed as per International Standards
Customized for tournaments and institution usage