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Cosco Crw-jk 903 Rower Rowers

Inernal Roller with Beam, Sturdy Steel Frame, 360º Smooth
Forward and Backward Movement.
Internal Roller Tack for Comfortable Glide Padded Seat, Swivelling
Foot Rest, Velcro Straps.

18000.00 20700.00

Cosco Rx-99 Rowers

RX-99 rowing machine is the ideal tool to improve your cardio endurance, weight loss and strengthen a wide range of muscles. The rowing machine is equipped with an extra strong aluminum rail with a high seat. In combination with a well-designed frame, ensures that you can step on your rowing machine with complete confidence. The LCD backlight display offers a wide range of fun and inspiring programs, such as Race, Recovery, User program and Heart Rate Control

86000.00 100900.00

Crw 6018 Water Rower

Feel the Dynamics of Water in your Workout. 6 Level Fluid Resistance Rower Workout.

Fluid Resistance Rower workout theory : Drag Force is physics impact data in Water Tank that drag the handlebar and provode a program to produce true Watt and Calories.

66000.00 77500.00

Cosco Rx-100 Rowing Machine

The RX 100 rowing machine has a double resistance system. Because of this RX-100 gives the exact rowing experience and quality as the heavy air rowing machines in the gym.The heavy air system creates
the base resistance and natural rowing experience.
The magnet system creates the extra exercise resistance.
Ergonomic grip for added comfort. With a nice touch,
you can open and close the ventilation of the air
resistance as desired.

138500.00 162500.00