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New Balance Tc-360 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat(colour May Vary)

  • Sport -  Cricket
  • Brand -  New balance
  • Material -  Kashmir-willow
  • Colour - Multicolour 

1759.00 2199.00

New Balance Tc-550 English Willow Cricket Bat

Sport - Cricket

Brand - NB
Material - Wood
Colour - Multicolour

About this item
  • Package Contains : One NB New Balance TC 550 English Willow Cricket Bat With Free Padded Cover Full Size For Bat
  • Blade : Pro-face straight grains blade, prepared from naturally grown dense wood that makes bat durable & strong to last for long.
  • Handle : Multi pieces Singapore cane handle for superior control that gives you flexible support of playing all round shots by reducing strain on wrist through thick grip.
  • Size : TC range Full Size English Willow Cricket Bat short handle for professional players
  • adult senior men.
  • Weight : It comes in weight between 1150 grams to 1200 grams approximately.

4399.00 5499.00

New Balance Dc-570 English Willow Cricket Bat

Sport - Cricket

Brand - New balance
Material - Wood
Colour - Assorted

About this item
  • Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum Grade - (SH ,LB Grade2)
  • Handle Spec - 6 Piece Singapore cane face with maximum grains, cosmetically best looking bat without any blemishes
  • Naturally air dried grade A English willow, Light weight pickup and fast bat speed
  • Profile/Shape- Large Edges and Sweet Spot

4399.00 5499.00


  • Sport - Cricket
  • Brand - New balance
  • Material - English-willow
  • Colour - MULTICOLOR

About this item

  • ENGLISH WILLOW (Grade II); Weight : 1150 - 1200 grams ; Size : Short Handle (Full Size)
  • Singapore Cane Handle with Camo Grip to hold the bat firmly, without slipping while playing shots.
  • Designed and shaped with large edges and sweet spot for providing maximum acceleration to ball with minimum jarring of the hands and forearms.
  • Ideal For : Teens/Adults; Suitable For : Leather Ball Play.; Playing Levels: Training, Cricket Nets, Club Level Match, School Level Match, National/International Level Match.
  • Recommended to play with Leather Balls only after Knocking.

15999.00 19999.00


Adjustable shoulder strap
Interior zip organizer pocket
PU coated bottom panel
600d nylon
In-Box Contents: 1 Duffle Bag

3399.00 3999.00

New Balance TC 360+ 2020 Edition Season Cricket Bat

  • Sport  - Cricket
  • Brand - New balance
  • Material - Kashmir-willow
  • Colour - Multi

1999.00 2499.00



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