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Dip Stand

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VECTOR X JF-7910 Push-up Bar

Vector X is one of the established sports brands who provide stylish and innovative sports gear to most of the aspiring sport players as well as others. As a brand they have produced thousands of spectacular gear which have been used by numerous renowned sport personalities.


COSCO Profile Push-up Bar

Exercise Type: Overhead Press, Curls, Pendley Row, Twist, Power Clean, Bench Press, Deadlift, Bent Over Rows, Calf Raise, Shrugs, Barbell Row, Lunges, Pullover, Jerk, Squat, Military Press


Mikado Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar

Brand: Mikado.
Product Type: Chin Up Bar or Pull Up Bar.
Material: Iron.



Soft Handle Grip with Double Colour Foam. Suitable for Home use.Convenient and Portable.Suitable for power push up training
Comes in compact Design and ergonomic handles for a comfortable and secure grip
Let's you perfect your body shape with daily workout of dips and pushups.
With daily use you can achieve to narrow the abdomen, hips, chest while strengthening your upper abdomen, chest shoulder and triceps, biceps

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