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DSC Champs Junior 19 Multicolor Strung Lawn Tennis Racquet


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Cover: Cover Not Available
Strung Type:- Strung
Grip Size: G4 - 11.43 cm
Weight: 214 g
Head Shape:- Oval Shape
Beam Width:- 20 mm

SKU: 36573

When your junior needs to start their way into the world of tennis, they need a racquet that will see them through all the way. Why not choose one that is made by one of the leading manufacturers of sports equipment? This tennis racquet from DSC comes with the quality that DSC is known for, and will be their best ally as they begin their journey into this sport.Great design: The DSC Tennis Aluminium Racquet Champs Junior 19" (With 3/4 Cover) is made of aluminium so that it is lightweight and easy for junior players to easily manoeuvre during a game. It is also comfortable to use, even when playing or training for long hours.High quality: This double piece racquet comes already strung and has a cover included as well. The string tension that is recommended for this racquet is 40 � 45 lb. It comes in an ideal size to find your sweet spot so that you can always play to win.