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Head Master Tennis String 16l (white)


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Composition : Co-Polymer center surrounded by a multifilament single wrap
Gauge : 1.38 mm / 16g
Material : Multifilament
Length : 12m / 40 feet

SKU: 15907

Increase the level of your performance and add more strength and precision to your shots by getting this Master 16L 1.28 mm Tennis String from Head for your tennis racquet.

Synthetic Gut String

The synthetic gut strings transfer more power to your shots enabling you to land deeper shots in the court.

High Tensile Strength Copolymer Center

Offering enhanced strength, the copolymer center provides a sweet spot area that makes each of your shots more effective and accurate.

Surrounded by Multifilament Single Wrap

The multifilament single wrap design makes the string stronger and it effectively absorbs shocks created upon impact thereby enhancing your performance.