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Carlton Heritage V5.1 G1 Hl Badminton Racquets

Product description
Racket Includes Racket Cover. It is Ultra Flexible Shaft Badminton Racket.

1587.00 5290.00

Carlton Carbotec 1100 G1 Hl Badminton Racquets

Product description
It is used to play Badminton . It is a 1100 Badminton Racket. The color is Orange.

1995.00 3990.00

Carlton Carbotec 1300 G1 Hl Badminton Racquets

Carlton Carbotec 1300 Badminton Racket
Carlton Carbotec 1300 is the even balanced Badminton Racket and weighs approx 85gm, having a Medium Flex and hi-flex carbon construction and an isometric head shape. Mega Tension Frame which handles the tension upto 30lbs, comes strung with company strings. In this range, this is a very powerful racket that beats the top brand in badminton in this range. Carlton having 4 models in this series is Carbotec 1200, Carbotec 1300 , Carbotec 2100 and Carbotec 2200

1995.00 3990.00



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