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  • Size - Size FS
  • Brand: SS.
  • Product Type: Cricket Bat.
  • Willow: English Willow.
  • Size: Men.
  • Handle Type: Short Handle.
  • Handle Shape: Round.
  • Knocking-in: No.

SKU: 2555

  • The SS Master 1500 English Willow Cricket Bat size men is made from premium quality.
  • Grade 4 air dried willow.
  • Famous SS concave thick edges.
  • Thicker middle with thick bottom and curved blade, this bat allows an optimized performance.
  • Rounded edge profile running from toe to shoulder makes the TON range an imposing bat for extreme power, exceptional balance and precise results.
  • Wide play area.
  • SS Master 1500 is ideal for intermediate level players, this suitable for aggressive play.
  • Embossed retro sticker with superb grip.
  • Country of origin: Made in India.
  • This size men cricket bat uses round shape short handle.
  • This product comes with 1 bat cover
Product information Technical Details
Product name Master 1500
Product Type Cricket Bat
Handle type Short handle
Handle shape Round
Knocking-in No
Brand SS
Material Type English willow