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Nivia Fb-264 Trainer Football - Size: 4


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This football has an attractive white and blue design which asserts speed and smart looks. As it spins towards the goal post with every kick and throw, the Nivia football size 5 will grab everyone's attention. You can enjoy and have fun at the same time as you and your friends play with this gripping Nivia football. Whether it is for tournaments or casual play, the Nivia football is the perfect companion. For superior rebound and air retention, the Nivia football has a high quality latex bladder ensuring maximum air retention and acceleration while playing.

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Nivia Storm Football : Offering optimum response and feel; Rubber outer shell; Rubber moulded football
The ball is meant for very light play and not for playing on rough ground
Nivia Double Action Ball Pump : Double action push and pull technology; Pumps Air on Both Upstroke and Downstroke
Quick and easy method to inflate footballs, basketballs, volleyballs and handballs