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Protex Deluxe. Skipping Rope

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Adjustable Length
Strengthens your Core Muscles
Extremely Fast Skipping Possible
Slim Non-Slip Handles,Nylon Rope

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This skipping rope features non-slip handles which resist slippage during high-intensity cardio workout sessions. This skipping rope is made up of nylon which makes it durable and resistant to breakage. Nylon ropes are apt for fast-faced skipping as they are incredibly swift with less wind resistance. It has a higher safety factor as beginners are less likely to injure themselves with nylon skipping ropes than plastic skipping ropes. The length of the skipping rope can be adjusted by a) unlocking the plastic lock at the end, b) pulling the plastic cap down and moving the lock according to your requirement and c) securing the plastic cap in its position. In this way, the skipping rope can suit people of varying heights.