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MuscleBlaze MB Fat Burner PRO, 60 tablet(s), Unflavoured


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  • Size - 60 TABLETS
  • Brand - MuscleBlaze
  • Specific Uses For Product - Energy Management, Weight Loss, Fat Burner
  • Product Benefits - Energy, Boots Metabolism, Supress Hunger, Powerful Antioxidant, Boosts calorie
  • Item Form - Tablet
  • Dosage Form - Tablet
  • Flavour - Burner Pro
  • Age Range (Description) - Adult
  • Allergen Information - Milk
  • Material Feature - Vegetarian
  • Package Information - Bottle

About this item

  • CALORIE-BURNING: This weight loss supplement for men and women is enriched with 270 mg Caffeine that helps in increasing thermogenesis, burns more calories and enhances energy levels. Allergen information: Milk

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MB Burner Pro: An advanced weight management blend

You might be sweating it out like crazies but still feel that you are not close enough to your fitness goal. Burning the stubborn fat required extra effort, a balanced diet, and a little push that MB Burner Pro can provide you. This potent weight loss formula is your best bet to get rid of the excess body fat and get in perfect shape. It is enriched with ingredients like green tea, green coffee beans, caffeine, L-carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, coleus forskohlii, and chromium picolinate that help in suppressing appetite and boost metabolism to support healthy fat loss. With a faster metabolism, it’s easier to convert all the deposited fat into energy units that can help you survive the gruelling workout sessions.

A blend of powerful ingredients

MB Burner Pro has a blend of proven weight management ingredients ranging from L- Carnitine to Caffeine and herbal extracts. What makes MB Burner PRO an advanced formula is its selection of ingredients & its potency. To see results, these ingredients need to be consumed in effective quantities which is something you can easily obtain through MB Burner PRO. These ingredients will help suppress appetite, boost metabolism, support fat loss and keep your energy levels high.

Convert Fat Into Energy

MB Burner Pro is enriched with 1000mg L-carnitine per serving. L-carnitine is helpful in transporting fatty acids from your blood to the mitochondria. In this way, these fatty acids are utilized as the source of energy by your body. L-carnitine also helps in boosting cellular energy and preserving lean muscles.

Suppress Appetite

This advanced fat burner contains 400mg Garcinia Cambogia that helps suppress hunger and cravings and reduces your calorie intake to support weight loss. It increases the levels of brain chemical serotonin, which helps in curbing hunger.

Boost Metabolism

MB Burner Pro offers 270mg Caffeine to support faster metabolism and enhance the calorie-burning capacity of your body. It also contains 240mg of green tea and 100mg of green coffee bean extracts. Green tea is rich in catechins that improve metabolism and green coffee beans contain an enzyme called CGA, which helps in enhancing fat metabolism. Coleus Forskohlii also contributes in boosting metabolism.

Burn More Calories

MB Burner PRO offers 270mg Caffeine which helps activate thermogenesis. Caffeine helps in improving metabolism and also speeds up the calorie-burning process. This also leads to an increase in your energy levels. Chromium Picolinate also helps improve the calorie-burning capacity of your body.

Product information Technical Details
Net Quantity 60
Generic Name MuscleBlaze Burner PRO
Brand MuscleBlaze
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12.7 x 7.6 x 5.1 Centimetres
Item Weight 130 g
Manufacturer MuscleBlaze
Country of Origin India