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KAMACHI Protection Equipment Skating Set


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Kamachi protective kit PE-11 is ideal for unisex youth. DURABLE, MULTI-PURPOSE, FLEXIBLE, COMFORTABLE, EASY TO WEAR, LIGHT WEIGHT.
Sport Type: Skating, Cycling. Suitable for roller skating, riding scooter, skateboarding, cycling and other outdoor sports.

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Kamachi PE-11 (3-in-1) Protective Kit for Skating and Cycling: Sports have been growing in the veins of Indians with the need to either be a professional in it or to stay mentally as well physically fit. It is said that sports is the only way out that doesn’t let you feel you are working out and shreds the laziness out of you. There is not a sport that has not been given importance by Kamachi. You name any equipment and it is there! You can’t bet on the quality that is promised in the manufacturing of gym equipments or skating and cycling equipments. You will get equipment pertaining to other sports too.