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This sports capri has especially been designed to give you the required support and comfort, made of stretchable polyester and spandex material with wide elastic band that gives excellent support for your active lifestyle, providing greater ease & freedom of movement. Ideal for everyday active lifestyle like Sports, Gym Exercise & Fitness, Yoga, Walking & Jogging & Running, Cycling, Boxing, Bowling, Tennis, etc.

4-way stretch, and high quality stitching, the material will stretch and adjust to highlight the curves that you want, hide the rolls that you don�t want. Total freedom of movement, tight-fitted supports.

Versatile: no matter to the gym or to your couch, you will find it looked the part and a perfect well-made wardrobe staple. Style it up with Invincible t-shirts, tank top, crop top and get it going.

Material Combination: Polyester Spandex. A combination of 2 high quality materials merged into one single product. The inner is made up of very smooth and stretchable cloth.

Care Instructions: Only machine wash, avoid rubbing & twisting. Wash in cold water keep away from heat.

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