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Being fearless all starts in the street - and that’s what Wildfire was made for. This range covers various blade profiles so you can find the right bat for you. They’re also designed to be extremely lightweight, making Wildfire perfect for big swings, trick shots and carrying around from pitch to pitch (wherever they happen to be).Wildfire continues DSC’s legend in the streets and gullies, making the game more fun for players of any level.With an experience of more than 40 years backing it up, our Master Craftsmen treat each blade for its unique characteristics including density and weight to maximise its potential. Each and every bat is handcrafted to the unwavering standards of DSC and modern manufacturing.Hand made from the advanced high quality premium Kashmir Willow. Best for daily and practice matches. Strong handle with soft grip. Curved blade for great balance and shots.

SKU: 988

Made from good quality Kashmir Willow
With its massive edges and exquisite balance
Best for Tennis ball play
Powerdrive handle and covered with strong grip
Light weight Bats
Bats are made with Protection
This product are surely going to create envy among rivals
Lightweight two scoop bat
Crossweave tape on edges for added protection
Bat shape is traditional with high spine and maximum possible edge profile so that player will get max power on shots