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Cosco Ceb-trim 290 Elliptical Magnetic Flywheel Exercise Bike


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Exercises which were possible are Bike, Pedal, Step and Run and Rowing exercises can be done.
Cycling motion exercises the lower body while the rowing motion firms the upper arms,shoulders andabdominal muscles.
It consisted with extra handle with large computer screen.
Computer screen display Speed,time,distance and calories.
For running and cycling pedals were cornered with extra support.

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Elliptical cycling combines the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer to give you a fun and effective way to exercise outdoors. Because it is a low-impact exercise, elliptical cycling builds cardiovascular fitness, while being easy on the joints, which makes it great for everyone – young or old, health conscious to elite. Elliptical cycling is a great way to revolutionize your fitness. For better & effective results use Cosco Elliptical bike.

Elliptical Bike is featured with both running and cycling which is ready to performing heavy duty exercises and strenghtening each muscles of the body and very helpful in regular workouts which helps in enchancing your effeciency and performance.

High quality of material is used as Pvc for prevention of slippering, Foam for better grip, Steel wheel for it's long life and Extra pedal support for prevention from injuries. It's suitable for whole family and attract each user who wants good results and shapes.

The height of seat can be adjusted in 2 ways (Up and Down, Forward and backward)according to height of user's arms and legs as locks were their to do so.

Dashboard consist of extra handles with hand pulse and extra bar for better support. Big computer screen displays Speed, Time and Calories.

Non Slippery
PVC coating is done at each point of grip point so that chances of slip can be avoided while exercising.

Wheel Performance
Elliptical Bike's wheel performance or speed can be adjusted through scroll button on the wheel. As much tough workout user want they can adjust according to the required level with the scroll button. As Steel wheel is their so high quality breaking technique is used to support.