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Manual Weighing Scale

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Seka Weighing Scale, 331 Mm (l) X 331 Mm (w) X 86 Mm (h)

The features of this product are-

  • Seka nera bathroom scale has a specially designed rubber mat placed on the top . The circular dot design of the mat is made such as to avoide chances of skidding . The rubber mat provides a soft and sturdy feeling while one stands on it. The rubber mat can be easily removed washed cleaned and replaced on the scale very conveniently. No adhesive or glue are required. This always keeps the scale looking very neat and tidy for year to came .
  • The tools, technology , molds, dies and the know how and themachinery for the manufacturing of sekanera bathroom scale is provided by seca, vogel & halke g m b h & co. Germanyice ( screw) provided to set the indicator at '0' zero reading before weighing the hook is provided separately.


Sknol Singnale Weighing Scale, 283 Mm (l) X 292 Mm(w) X 51 Mm(h)

The features of this product are-
1. Clean your scale with damp cloth , avoid water getting inside , do not use chemicals .
2. Please do not over weight the scale than the capacity, do not play with the scale / of the knob .