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SKU: 7274
SG Umpire Counter
Brand: SG
Material: Plastic
Sport Type: Cricket
Size: Regular
Wrist Attachment: NO
Display Aspects: Total Overs (up to 99), Balls Bowled
  • Additional Information

    SG Umpire Counter: “Keep track of every ball”
    This is the device used by cricket umpires for counting overs and balls. There are several reasons why Umpire Counter is used?

    Helps the umpire for maintaining data
    Track every ball and over with accuracy
    Ergonomically designed according to palm fitting
    Just rotate the wheel and change the number
    SG Umpire Counter is one of the best tracking accessory used by the umpires worldwide. Before you buy SG Umpire Counter online, check its specifications:

    Manufactured using hard plastic casing
    Crafted for high-resilience
    The dial is made of excellent quality
    Affordable SG Umpire Counter prices
    Pretty handy
    Easy to hold and store
    Lightweight in nature
    Keeps track up to 99 overs

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