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N - Rit Nsc325s Cool Towel Towel


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Brand:N - RIT

Product description
The N-Rit Cool Towel is a hairy lightweight and flexible cooler that keeps fresh even in the heat. The special Cool-X material in contact with water immediately begins to exhibit a long-lasting cooling effect. In addition, the material draws the perspiration accumulated during the movement on the outer surface of the cloth so that the constant, pleasantly cool skin and maximum comfort are guaranteed for sport, excursions, workouts and even during work. Of course, the cloth can be reused several times.

SKU: 25007

Hair-thin, ultra-lightweight, highly elastic material
Special X-Cool material swellable by water
Without chemical ingredients, only the cooling effect exerted by the base material
Slim, well-ventilated material delivers moisture accumulated during movement and provides a constant, cool skin
It can be reused over many times in rewetting
Size: 100 x 20 cm
Composition: 92% polyester, 8% spandex