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Airavat Running Jogging Gym Arm Pouch

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SKU: 1139
This is a Premium quality armband made with breathable fabric For those who work out hard , Full screen protector allows full touch screen functionality.(Best for mobiles in size between 4-6 inches
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    Made of stretchable resistant neoprene. The Azacus Armband case easily bends, flexes, twists, and folds without warping. Comfort-grip keeps the band firmly on your arm during workouts and running.

    Imagine you are on a track early morning or late afternoon, the environment can be dark or less visible, thinking of this while manufacturing the Armband we have installed the white stripes in a rectangular shape which glow in that condition (dark or less visible).

    Enjoy the easy access of your phone through the protective screen cover on the armband with fully touch compatible, easily answer calls, manage your playlist, or activate your stopwatch without removing the phone.

    The armband features two arm strap slots for big and small arm sizes. Multi-slot Adjustable Velcro Armband Will Fit Almost Any Arm Size

    Comfort-grip keeps the band firmly on your arm during workouts and running.

    Water resistant design protects against water and sweat. Special coated layer repels sweat and water and keeps your device safe inside.

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